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note #1: the otherwhirled, currently located on the public WordPress site, is going to be moved to its own domain, hopefully within the week, and presumably without any untoward digital perturbations, so that i can avail myself of more space, since to do what i do over there, i need to be locally storing the images. while i have begun doing that, i have noticed the use of the storage space allotment of 50Mb rapidly increase over the past two weeks since i made the promise that i would start storing the images locally.

note #2: it appears, from comments in my “support ticket” with my ISP, that it is at least nominally possible that given the relatively low throughput on the otherwhirled (which, while increasing, is still not exactly on par with millions of hits…ever), that i will either not be charged or will only be minimally charged for the hosting. that being the case, and this blog being somewhat less than one percent of the bandwidth of the otherwhirled itself, i will also be moving this blog to its own domain. the nice thing there is, though, that i already own the domain, so moving it is literally no expense.

note #3: the otherwhirled, when moved, will live at, and perpetual dawnne will live at and yes, i am aware that currently points to the business site. that was done long ago and quite intentionally.

note #4: indeed, i do still plan on following through with my intention to use perpetual dawnne not only to continue to document our experiences regarding the impending convergence of our family with Selanie; random photographs of family, children, and kittens; but also to document my re-investigation of things which unfortunately fall within that grossly overgeneralized category of “metaphysical”.

a while back, when communicating with Selanie, Ann accidentally gave Selanie a link to this blog. while i have no idea how deeply Selanie might have read all this, a short while thereafter, there were several clickthroughs into previous months’ postings. so, it is potentially possible that Selanie is now aware that she is on my mind quite a bit, and that i truly hope for the best for her. i think i probably mentioned that in a previous post, so if i just repeated myself….well, go figure.

at any rate, October draws nearer, and more quickly than i had anticipated, though unsurprisingly so, given the number of games that Kyrian and i have on our schedules to referee. i don’t know what Selanie will want to do, if anything, when she attains the legal age, and right, to contact us, but her cell-phone number is already actually stored in my own cell-phone, and has a special ring-tone. just in case. because i’m anal-retentive about some things. but more truly, because if she did happen to call, Murphy’s Law dictates that she would do so while i’m in the middle of something else, and i like to have a second or two of prior warning. i just hope she realizes that i am not quite the self-absorbed knucklehead that i was when she was born. sure, i blog, and sure, blogging is inherently egocentric in certain regards, but it’s not like blogging either here or “there” constitutes the totality of social awareness.

at least, i don’t think it does….

well, i’d better get back to work. Nikon has two cameras coming out that would be decent upgrades to ShadowMoon’s capabilities, and i’ll never get them if i don’t help get the bills paid.

my best to you and yours, and to all.


My update rate sucks. Sorry. Last time I wrote, we were in the midst of our mini-vacation, and now school has already been going on over the past week, and we leave this afternoon for a wedding out in Minneapolis. Soccer got mostly rained out (or if not rained out, the fields were simply too wet to play on), which while inconvenient in one sense meant that we could make more TaeKwonDo than we had expected: definitely a good thing.

Our trip out to Galena was really quite nice, though necessarily short. The kids seemed to have a pretty good time, at least. I’ll have photographs up eventually.

Mom heard from Selanie recently, with some photos even, which was nice. She sounds like she’s doing okay, though going through a period of indecision about college, no-college, moving out of the house, getting a car, and all that good stuff. I remember all that quite well myself, even though it was “so long ago”. I think she’ll survive, one way or the other.

I have a ton of games to referee this season—not as many as some of the younger guys who can be more available for games than me, of course, but more than usual. Kyrian is working higher-level games than before, now, too, and is excited about it. Unfortunately one of our wet-field cancellations was an upper-division game for him. I’m not certain if he was upset about not getting the experience the game would have provided or not getting the money. A healthy dosage of both, I would imagine.

Kyrian started school on Monday and Brynne on Wednesday. Both are doing well. I’ll be helping out once a week in Brynne’s class again, but not this week. They’re on a new five-day rotation schedule which is applied literally (it skips the holidays, in other words), so the days that Brynne’s teacher wants me to help float practically from week to week. So, we’ll see what kind of help I can manage to be. Kyrian is already fitting in well at such a bigger school. Of course, it’s still too early to tell, but his attitude is certainly up. At least no one’s given him crap about being “the new guy” yet, and he’s a got a few friends scattered around the school from soccer, summer camps, and TaeKwonDo, so that helps.

The kittens are growing quickly and are a ton of fun. The older cats are even getting along with them a little bit. Sometimes. I’ve been too busy to take too many photos, although Brynne and I did take a few the other day. I’ll try to get those up online as well. I keep wishing the big cats would play with the little ones, but they still seem to prefer acting like their territory has been invaded. They mostly ignore the kittens, and tend to simply turn away and stalk off when confronted, as opposed to the hissing and other posturing that was being done before. I suppose that’s an improvement, anyway. Because Jupiter especially is apparently too stupid not to take a swipe at either Pluto’s or Ginka’s tail as they walk by.

So there you go. Another boringly domestic update. More later.

We’re about to head out for annother day roaming around the Galena, IL area and annoying the children with “boring” stops that don’t involve ice-cream, spending money, or other such things.

I’ll have a write-up on the trip here when we come back, as well as some photographs. Galena’s a pretty area.

I guess tomorrow, we’re heading towards you, Nancy, so even though you knew that was going to happen, You Have Been Warned!


The shelter told us to basically quarantine the kittens for two weeks. Contradictingly, from the 20-30 pieces of advice I’ve found online, that quarantine period should only be as long as necessary to get the kittens vaccinated. After that, they should begin integrating with any cats in the house as soon as possible. Needless to say, we have created a bit of acrimony with the cats, due to having the kittens primarily in Brynne’s room (Pluto’s normal daytime sleeping place), and alternatively in Kyrian’s room (Ginka’s favorite hiding spot is under Kyrian’s bed). So, we began allowing them all to start interacting the day before yesterday. Which conveniently served as an excuse for the kids to keep cleaning up after themselves across the whole house, not just in their rooms. Yay!

Ginka and Pluto are naturally dead-set on establishing, repeatedly, their dominance. Which is to be expected. Either Ann or I have been along with the kittens as they’ve met up with the cats to help ensure that aggressive behavior from the cats doesn’t go over the top. We’re being careful to reassure the cats during and after each interaction, and not just coddle the kittens when they get scared. While neither Ginka nor Pluto seem overly pleased with having to share their space, no injuries have been sustained by the kittens as of yet, and the cats continue to interact with us favorably.

During the day, we confine the kitties to either upstairs or downstairs, wherever the children are, since they’re both home this week. The cats are staying outside a bit more, but with the kittens having basically the full run of the house now, they are becoming increasingly more familiar with the kittens’ scent. By winter at the latest, I’m pretty confident things will be going well between the four of them, and hopefully, this winter will be a more active one for the cats, with kittens and a lot of new toys to play with!

The kittens are growing (although when compared to the cats, they still seem extremely tiny), the kids are happy (except when it comes to chores), and Ann and I are very busy. We all passed our recent belt tests at TaeKwonDo, and I passed my last assessments for State Referee (USSF Grade 6). I hate being a late bloomer, though. I’ve still got to pass the exam and the physical, but, well, like that ain’t gonna happen.

Selanie is doing missionary work down in Mexico, so please keep her in your thoughts. She sent Ann a brief email late last week and seems to be doing fine. Kyrian and Brynne have finished their terms at camp and are now spending their days at home with the kittens and being reminded to do certain chores. I think Brynne is going on a trip with her grandparents next week, though. Kyrian and I have some projects to do around here if a) the temperature would cool the heck down, and b) i can get relatively caught up on work.

But in that regard, referee training began last Saturday. I only have three classroom commitments, but once again, there’s no rest for the weary or the wicked around here!

Jupiter Jupiter laying on top of Kyrian, for today’s dose of cuteness.

I updated and changed the gallery. It will be an ongoing, relatively-frequently-updated thing, and I’m using it as an example to Adobe® to point out how ridiculous it is the way their gallery generator in Lightroom won’t do a checksum on exported images and pages and NOT re-export everything. 38 photos (today’s count) isn’t so bad, but when I have to redo galleries of hundreds of images, it sucks massively.

anywho, the gallery is here.

I know what you’re trying to do, Jupiter. You’re trying to melt my brain with your cuteness. Clever kitty. It will not work, however, because wood doesn’t melt! Hah!


caught during my lunch minute:

Mouse & Jupiter snoozing:

Mouse & Jupiter

Lazy little kittunz. Gets a jobs! Pays the rents! K, then, sleeps!

Mouse & Jupiter

Poor Mouse. Abandoned by her cousin. It was obviously devastating:


Sadly, Tilly is on her way back to the shelter. She’s over-aggressive, both to humans and kittens. I personally felt like more time might change things, but Ann and Brynne did not. Thankfully, Mouse (or whatever her name shall be) is bonding quite tightly with Brynne, and that’s a very good thing. Jupiter certainly likes Kyrian as well. Looks like Nancy, who’s looking more for a cat, will have to wait.

What happened was that we had a friend who said she’d have a kitten for Brynne last Thursday. When that didn’t happen, we went to the shelter and wound up getting kittens for Kyrian and Brynne. After we got home yesterday, our friend called wanting Ann to pick up Mouse for Brynne. I think the premise that two young animals together are better than one is very true, but apparently three is indeed a crowd. Poor Tilly wound up not being friendly with anyone other than Ann and myself. She’s an exuberant kitten, however, and will fit into the right home, I have no doubt. She’s one of those personalities, I think, that would be better off as the queen of her domain, with no other interfering cats or kittens around.

I will edit this post with links to the Sioux Falls shelter when I find it. Please support your local animal shelter!


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